Napa Floor Dry (#8822) vs CarQuest Premium Automotive Oil Absorbant (#8033)


Not exactly scientific. Just a photo and a soak test.

Both are calcined diatomaceous earth.

Both packages list less than 1% Crystalline Silica.

Napa lists less than 1% quartz.

Both pass a 24 hour soak test in that neither softened nor crumbled easily. I did not freeze test them since my soil never freezes.

I like the uniformity of the CarQuest product much, much more than the Napa. Both examples are un-sifted. Napa MUST be sifted before use in a '5-1-1' mix or gritty 1-1-1 mix. (Check this page out if you have never heard of the 5-1-1 or gritty mixes)

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